About the Logos Society


The tuition free Logos Christian program is supported by the Logos Society of Edmonton, a registered non-profit organization. The Logos Society is supported by parents and community members, with a $20 annual fee per family. Membership fees are used for website hosting, Grade 6 and Grade 9 farewell gifts as well as printed materials for the school programs. The Logos Society meets every month during the school year, with hosting by member schools. The meetings offer parents, administrators and teachers of Logos students an opportunity to support each other, share ideas and communicate about Logos issues in the greater Edmonton school community. There is one annual general meeting yearly, generally in the fall. Dates and locations of regular meetings, the annual general meeting and the agenda will be posted on the website under News/Events.

The Logos Society of Edmonton and its members submit to the following Guidelines:

  • The LOGOS CHRISTIAN PROGRAM operates under the jurisdiction and authority of the Edmonton Public School Board and is subject to such rules and regulations as the Board shall determine.
  • The Edmonton Logos Society operates under the direction of a Board of Directors composed of seven lay persons, no more than two to come from any one denomination.
  • Since the Edmonton Logos Society is a non-denominational organization dealing with the public school system, members of the clergy and religious orders are specifically prohibited from being elected to the Board of Directors. However, any parent will be eligible for election as the Logos School Representative.
  • The LOGOS CHRISTIAN PROGRAM serves the elementary (including kindergarten) and junior high grades.
  • Although parents are responsible for the transportation of their children to and from the school, busing service is available in some cases for a fee. Inquire at the school of your choice for details.

Here are a few school districts outside the Edmonton surrounding area that also have Logos – style programs: