Approach to Learning and the Christian Environment

Approach to Learning – High Academic Standards with a Christian Perspective

All Edmonton Public Schools follow the curriculum as determined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled in the Logos Christian Program are encouraged to maintain academic excellence while learning to integrate biblical principles into all areas of study. Logos Christian program teachers will provide your child with a faith-based education that fosters spiritual growth while achieving their academic goals within a Christian context.

A Christian Environment

The non-denominational Christian environment is based on traditional Christian principles as set out in the Bible and the Apostles’ Creed. The program focuses on the principles of loving God and loving one another, a commitment to Christ’s teachings and an understanding that we are ultimately responsible to God for our actions. This environment is created through:

  • Integration of a Christian Biblical context in the teaching of the curriculum. To this end, a teacher in this program would be expected  to bring a Christian viewpoint to issues and topics from all curriculum areas.

  • Daily devotions and prayer.

  • Scripture memorization.

  • Periodic assemblies/chapels with a Christian viewpoint.

  • Selection of resources consistent with Christian beliefs.

  • Assisting students in their personal relationship with God.

Notwithstanding the above, the devotional and religious activities, such as morning prayers and chapel, shall be of a non-denominational character and be spiritually sustaining and nurturing rather than proselytizing (attempting to covert) and evangelizing (preaching).