2022 Logos Virtual Open House Schedule

Check out a Logos school virtual open house and discover all that the Logos Christian Program has to offer. Mark your calendars and please check back for updated information on how to sign in to each open house.

Youngstown School

10330 – 163 Street

Feb 15th, 6-7:30pm

Youngstown School website

Queen Alexandra School

7730 – 106 Street

Virtual Kindergarten French Immersion Program Open House
Wed. Mar. 9: 5 – 6PM

Virtual Kindergarten Logos Program Open House
Wed. Mar. 9: 6:15 – 7:15PM

Queen Alexandra Promo Video

Queen Alexandra School website

Hardisty School

10534 – 62 Street

March 9th, 6-7:30pm

Virtual Open House Google Meet link

Hardisty Logos Promo Video

Hardisty School Open House Portal

Hardisty School Website

Britannia School

16018-104 Ave

Contact the school for more information

Britannia School Website

Kensington School

13410 – 119 Street

Feb 9th, 6-7pm

Kensington Virtual Open House Meeting Link

Click here to register for a personal virtual meet with Principal Dao Haddad!

Kensington School Promo Video

Kensington School website

Belmont School

3310 – 132A Avenue

March 24th, 6-7pm

Belmont School Website