“I am happy with the Logos program because it helps the kids learn and experience Jesus in every day school life naturally. It is not just a religious event happening every Sunday at church but connected to their daily life.” – LOGOS Parent

“We are grateful for the warm, inclusive approach, and how the principal/the school involves parents in school events and decision making. We are glad and thank God for our daughter enjoying school life, and for her learning experience. We can see the improvement she has made thus far.” -LOGOS Parent

“Our daughter has loved her time in the Logos Christian Program. The teachers and staff have been wonderful! I love that Christ is infused into everything she learns! Doing her school work means she is learning about God!” – John, LOGOS Parent

“My son has been attending Hardisty Logos for 3 years now. I’m grateful for the Biblical aspects that are being instilled in their thoughts as they learn and grow.” – Eucharista, LOGOS Parent

“We have been so grateful for teachers who love Jesus and incorporate prayer time and Bible teaching into their classrooms!
It is a joy to see kids embrace being the salt and light in a community EPSB school!” – Alanna, LOGOS Parent

“I’m so glad we made the switch! The school and staff are covered in prayer, we love the chapels and I’m seeing depression lifted completely. I’m so grateful for this program!” – LOGOS Parent

“We got to know about the Logos program through our church. It was timely because we were searching for a new school for our daughter. Finding a faith-based school was something we desired, and Logos program was all of that plus, we got to know its free! Our daughter loves it and we have seen tremendous improvement in her learning both academically and spiritually. We totally love the program. It is priceless!” – LOGOS Parent

“My son started the Logos program in Kindergarten. We have seen his kind heart grow as he learns values of love, respect, neighbourliness, selflessness and prayer. We love seeing him find his own love for God through his own personal relationship and daily chats with God. The logos program is taught by a wonderful group of teacher with very supportive principals and administrators. We are so thankful for this program.” – Chantel, LOGOS Parent

“I moved from North to West Edmonton and while I was looking school for my kids, the Youngstown school told me that they have regular and Logos programs, and they told me that in Logos program, they include Christian values and the word of God in their program and as a Christian I was so happy to choose that program! And it is really good and helpful for spiritual growth and even academically, I highly recommend all the Christian people to put their kids in Logos Christian program!” – Claudine, LOGOS Parent